About Us
Upon retiring I decided the big city is no place to raise children.
on vacation and visiting a friend in Tennessee we came upon
what was to become the location of our new home. A lovely tract of
land backing up to a mountain on the south end of Warren
County,TN. On August 5th 2003 we bought the 36 acres where we
now live. Ten more acres were added in 2006. This 10 acres is were
we will begin our vineyard.
The Tennessee Transplants
Victor ... Amateur electrician
John ... At 17 he's pretty much
earning his own way, buying
and repairing ATV's. He sells
them for a modest gain and
then reinvests his profit in
more 4 wheelers. He's
becoming comfortable with
tools and has more ambition
than most young men his age.
He's a junior in high school.
He's been going steady with
the same lovely girl for almost
three years.  How proud can a
daddy be?
Mary ... It's easy to brag on my
daughter. She's gifted with a
natural spirit of joy and good
humor. She is a freshman in
high school, an honor roll
student, runs track and field. In
junior high she was a
cheerleader, Beta member and
wrote the closing poem for her
graduation class. Mary has a
song in her heart and sings
when she thinks no one is
listening. I marvel at her
charm,kindness and grace.