The Vineyard
The Beginning

A strong trellis system is an essential component to a successful vineyard.
In interviewing local Arborists the
trellis is critical. Many shared stories
of a vines laden with grapes only to fall to the ground during a great wind.

Damage goes beyond the loss of the
fruit. Broken feeder vines and root
stock my take several years to grow
back. I'm using a 5/8 inch eye bolt, 8 inches long for my end post anchors.

Here are the 8' cedar
trellis's line posts. They
average 8 to 10 inches in
diameter.  I'm using 60
cedar line posts in line
posts per row and each
post will be 18 feet apart.
Anchored at each ends
will be a 10' creosoted end
post. Three feet will be in
the ground stabilized with
120 lbs of concrete. They average 8 to 10 inches in
A steel cable attached to a
ground anchor will securely hold everything
in place.
Vivaldi Four Seasons played by Anne-Sophie Mutter
These are the treated end posts. I used my chain saw to cut four 30' light poles into twelve 10' foot

I have all the materials gathered
except for a 1/2 mile of 11 gauge
wire and 36 sixty pound bags of
concrete .. ugh.

It's now October 8th 2009.
I'm ready to lay out my grid of
stakes and begin augering the 12
end post holes.
GPS  Coordinates
Latitude - N. 35.30.781
Longitude - W. 085.49.525
Altitude 1041'
Standing on the auger adds a little
weight to speed things along. It's been a
nice day. Temperature was about 70
run to town. Probably won't be the last
one I break do I'd better get several.
These Concords were
planted in 2005. These
were an initial
experiment in growing
grapes in Tennessee. I
have no expertise in
Viticulture. This
endeavor is for the sheer
fun of it.
This is the location I feel best
suited for the vineyard. The
photo looks to the east. The
trellis system will be from east
to west. There is a gradual Western slope that will allow good runoff. Morning light will bath the new vines in warmth and sunlight. Most of the vines will be on the upper
third of the hill side. In the
spring, the cool morning air
will slide down to the lower
areas preventing frostbite.